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Inspections | Project Monitoring | Photo/Video | Agriculture | Thermal Imaging

Vertical Structure & Infrastructure Inspection

Air Source One aerial inspection units are able to scan vertical structures with infrared imagery or high resolution 3/D modeling. Allowing the data to be easily shared for collaboration without the associated risk and coordination.

Infrastructure Inspection can require venturing off the beaten path in remote areas that can be costly and time consuming for utility providers and local municipalities. Air Source One’s waypoint driven inspections can provide accurate and repeatable inspections of miles of easements in hours verses days.

Project Monitoring & Management

Time is Money… and Construction is at the top of this pinnacle.

The Construction industry is complex. Construction Pros need technology that doesn’t add to the complexity of a project, but instead, help simplify it. ASO aerial orthomosaics and models are a cost-effective and user-friendly way to achieve that goal.

Air Source One utilizes the latest in cloud-based Orthomosaic software. What does this mean for our clients? High-quality interactive views of your project from the convenience of your home or office. From general project overview to control point accuracy Orthomosaics and real-time plan overlays, the technology is forever changing how you manage your projects.

Marketing Photo & Video Service

Air Source One deploys the latest in high-resolution camera equipment paired with the leading cinematography aerial platform to achieve film industry quality images for our clients.

Bring a unique perspective to your product or business with Aerial Imaging and video. From Web & Social Media reels to direct sales Aerial Images. Let Air Source One elevate your marketing to a new level.

Thermal Imaging

From assisting Public Service in a Search and rescue mission to providing engineers with detailed inspection data, ASO provides our clients with the resources to make an informed decision in a timely manner.

Air Source One offers thermal imaging inspections and services to a multitude of industries, whether you are needing to Identify and map trapped moisture penetration in roofs, detect insulation leaks in HVAC or refrigeration equipment or quickly review and detect failing cells within a solar array. ASO achieves this by utilizing the latest in FLIR XT Radiometric technology paired with a high resolution 20.8 MP camera providing our clients with a standard and thermal image in a single flight reducing time and money.

Agricultural Monitoring & Analysis

Agriculture has a lot to do with understanding what’s happening in the field in order to increase yield and improve efficiency.

Air Source One provides Precision Agricultural services that allow farms to monitor plant health and crop yields, as well as provide a quick assessment of damages from storms, Insects, and wildlife.

Our real-time NDVI data processing allows farmers to focus on problem areas reducing costly crop loss and increasing yields, in result helping your crops reach new heights.

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